Does your company need an extra hand on a maritime project?

As a company in this very dynamic industry you probably have a range of small jobs lying around. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering students are usually very suited to pick up these jobs and surprise you with the results. The MATSO foundation is more than happy to mediate in finding motivated students looking to gain experience in working in the maritime industry.

The concept

Students come in various degrees of ages and qualities, so there will always be a student suitable for the job at hand. The student will define the conditions of the project together with the company, after which the agreements will be amended in the standard MATSO-Contract. The students will not receive a payment for the work they have done, instead in return the company will make a donation to the MATSO foundation. The amount of this donation has to correspond with the amount and level of work done by the student.

Projects can be of any size and goal. The project is suitable as long as the project is maritime-related and can be completed reasonably independently by the student. Some students will be happy to spend several weeks working full-time at the office of your company while others might be more interested in working at home or at the university so they can find a better balance with their study commitments.

What happens with the funds obtained?

The goals of the MATSO foundations are clearly stated in its legal statutes. The goal is to stimulate and facilitate Maritime Technology students from Delft University of Technology to get acquainted with companies and cultures abroad. Thus ensuring that the future engineers know what is happening in this ever-changing industry. This way your company is supporting the future of the Dutch maritime engineers.

For more information on the MATSO foundation you are more than welcome to contact one of the board members.

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