Are you planning a study trip or internship abroad, but struggling to get enough funds? Get in touch with MATSO!

For students to orient themselves outside the safe confinements of their own country can be a very valuable experience for the start of their career. However it may be difficult to raise enough funds to make this dream come true. Therefore you can invoke the help of the MATSO foundation. A prerequisite is that you are a Naval Architecture and Marine Technology student at Delft University of Technology.

How to qualify for a subsidy?

To qualify for subsidy from MATSO you have to do an inquiry at the board of the foundation. The inquiry should contain a solid motivation and an estimate of the budget and travelling expenses. At the next board meeting your request will be processed and soon after you will hear whether or not you are eligible for a subsidy by MATSO. It is therefore recommended to apply in the early stages of planning your trip.

Doing an internship!

To make sure there are enough donations done each year you are expected to work on a project-basis for a maritime company. For this internship you will not receive a personal compensation but instead the company is requested to make a donation to the MATSO foundation. Looking for a suitable internship, making contact and completing the internship is your own responsibility. Of course information about companies that are familiar with the concept or a reference project is available to get you started. Have a look at the downloads section of the website for some reference project or contact the board of MATSO or student association ”William Froude” for more information.

The benefits:

– You get to work at a Maritime company; a great way to get insight into working as an engineer

– The internships usually have flexible working hours, this way it won’t hinder your other activities

– The internship may provide you with a few valuable contacts

– The financial compensation is usually higher than when doing a regular part time job

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